5 Reasons You Should List Your Home This Winter

5 Reasons You Should List Your Home This Winter

There is no doubt about it that warmer weather brings people out to open houses all spring.  The classic thinking is your house has more curb appeal when the flowers bloom.  Not to mention, some folks want to move over the summer when school isn’t in session.  However, there are some truly compelling reasons to put your house on the market this winter.  Here is some serious food for thought!

1 – Quality over Quantity is the key.   You are definitely not going to get springtime traffic after Thanksgiving and into the winter.  However, you have serious buyers coming to look.  These are not people driving by and stopping in out of curiosity.   These are the people who are in need of moving.  tree snow winter architecture mansion house home suburb weather backyard facade residential season estate neighbourhood residential area outdoor structure

2 – Inventory is low.  Most people wait to list until the Spring.   This translates into fewer homes on the market.  Your property stands out in the crowd.  That’s simple economics!

3 – Curb appeal only applies to the interior.  There isn’t the same pressure to have the best-manicured lawn and garden on the block when you show your home in the winter.  No one is going to hold it against you that your grass isn’t greener than everyone else’s.

4 – A home warmly decorated for the holidays makes people see the way your house is a HOME!  Buying a house for many is about gathering family and having space to entertain and enjoy the holidays.  This is an opportunity to show buyers how yours can help them do just that.  Light your fireplace, string some lights, bake some cookies.

5 – The slower market helps move everything along a little faster.  Mortgage brokers have a little more time to process your loan, property attorneys have a more time on their calendar.  Time is on your side.

Truth is there is no time like the present to sell your home.  The right buyer just needs to be brought to your home and winter definitely affords everyone the time and attention to do just that!